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Yves Saint-Laurent


Dear Customers,

We are please to introduce to you our latest project, the overcoat, an exciting and versatile garment.


We have researched the history of the overcoat and have developed a number of styles that sit alongside our current portfolio.


As ever, this new range benefits from the service and support we offer on all of our garments, from stocked fabrics to flexibility with style details.

It is our attention to widen the range of garments we offer you to better address your customers needs and we hope this new selection of overcoats will help achieve this.












The original and classic business overcoat.

Named after the Earl of Chesterfield it was invented in the mid 19th century. It was the start of the coat as we know it today.

Its style has never changed, in general knee length. Slightly shorter to give a more contemporary look, longer to achieve elegance. Usually in a grey or navy the coat is both traditional and timeless. The contrasted top collar completes the look.


Middle Gray / Vitale Barberis Canonico VB0225,
Velvet Collar VR005

Dark Blue Herringbone / J.H. Clissold JC0004


The coat was made popular in the Victorian period, originally with a cape it was a heavy coat typically in tweed.

The Ulster is traditionally knee length. A double breasted coat with a notch lapel completed with patch pockets with flap and a half belt.

A robust and heavy duty overcoat well suited for cold winters.


Brown Plain / Vitale Barberis Canonico VB0125, Red Quilted Lining Q264

Brown Herringbone / Overcoat collection CE0002

Green Orange Check / Harrisons of Edinburgh art. 32134


The sporty brother of the Chesterfield, it‘s history is firmly rooted in the hunts of the late 19th century.

Tailored from Covert cloth, this heavy tweed would traditionally range from light green to a tan brown but more contemporary are Navy and Grey.

The Covert coat is easily recognized with the rows of stitch detail to the cuff and hem.

Green Brown Diagonal / Vitale Barberis Canonico VB0151, Velvet Collar VR001

Blue Diagonal / Vitale Barberis Canonico VB0228, Velvet Collar VR004


The Raincoat or Balmacaan, known by many names this overcoat has changed style many times.

We have developed our own interpretation of this must have garment with simple lines and timeless elegance.

Creme Cotton Waterproof finishing / Larusmiani LA0024, Paisley Lining 318

Blue Stripe Flannel / Holland & Sherry

Art. 753600


The Pea Coat is believed to have originated from within the Navy.

Its style can vary but the traditional look is characterized by its short length, broad lapels, double breasted front, buttons under the collar and slanted side pockets.

With a warm quilted lining the Pea Coat provides protection even in the roughest seas!

Vitale Barberis Canonico VB0226, Quilted Lining Q262R


Blue Herringbone / Ormezzano OR0001

Beige Herringbone / Ormezzano OR0002


You may know this coat already?

Our own overcoat styled to be simple but elegant. We have offered this unstructured overcoat for the past two years and its popularity continues to grow.

Look smart and feel casual :)


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